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Do I need a bigger studio

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Do I need a bigger studio

I have found myself muttering to my canvases lately. Stepping back, tripping over my desk chair, backing into book cases and knocking over my water containers. What had been a comfortable,well lit studio space for my watercolors has become a very uncomfortable and too dark space for my acrylics!
Just as I found out that I could not think watercolor and then paint with acrylics, so it follows my physical surroundings have been slowly changing as I paint in acrylic each day. It was a slow adaptive change, nothing sudden, just a slow incorporation of different tools, timing, lighting and attitude toward my subject matter.
Did I need a bigger space? Increasing the footprint of the room was not possible, using a different
room did not solve the lighting situation. What to do, what to do?
Solution! I rebuilt my old classic drafting table into a full size easel. Used upright now for acrylic canvases rather than flat for watercolors giving me the added foot space. I enlarged the surface area on top and frankensteining a tray from the smaller easel I had in the room which I could now eliminate. The tray can move up & down, with a system of well placed holes and pegs, allowing for larger formats beyond the size of my watercolor papers.Shifting this new easel to face my windows gave me better overall natural lighting, and now my computer no longer has window glare. My library of art books are within easy reach in a simply built book case rather than a pile. From here it was just fitting pieces of the puzzle while eliminating any clutter. Repurposing every day items from milk containers to baskets and furniture I already had gave me a whole new studio @ $ 0.00 cost.
I took a fresh look at how I function in the room and what was it's central function...painting on an easel. I made everything else support that main goal....I even got this blog written!
Enjoy your day ...painting......Helen