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Doubt Zapped

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Doubt Zapped

Doubt can unfocus you in a second. It is insidious. A quick stumble of the psyche and you're done for the day. I speak from experience! Mastering a coping,defensive move against this enemy is an every day challenge, especially while working alone in your studio.
Each of us has our own special moments that trigger this feeling, but we share a common goal of beating this time robber.
When it happens to me, I realize that I skipped an important part of my work day... planning ahead! Not doing this allows the doubt to creep in ...very unbusiness like days then ensue. My focus is lost and instead of painting or doing the things that propel my work forward..the distraction of housework, yard work or errands take over beyond their importance. It is not that these thing don't need attention ..but they are not my business.
Now, I'm not highly organized but I do have a pattern of habits that has seen me through the worst of these moments.
Before ending my day, I leave the start of a new piece of work on my desk...even if it is simply a quick sketch or wash of color. This gives me a quick start for a creative day .
An article to read as I have my coffee encourages my continued knowledge. My learning curve has a slow but steady base.
I choose a deadline for ...something, anything art related. I can end my day feeling that I've accomplished a goal.
I listen to a podcast,view a demonstration video,read a blog by an artist or about art marketing. We encourage each other this way.
I work S.M.A.R.T. ...specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Lol! When all this fails ..and it does...I connect with a friend, have a laugh, twitter or FB for (a few minutes..thank you!) and know, not doubt, that tomorrow I will paint again. This is my business! What's yours?

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