Helen Harris

PineShoreStudio located in Mount Ephraim, NJ


Artist Statement:
I am at a crossroads. Well versed and known for my watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, I have added oils to my body of work. I'm always redefining my new path forward, since the shift and risk of growth in various medium has evolved over years. Each medium has laid the foundation for my next step of understanding in my chosen subjects of landscapes and seascapes. The focus on these images is a bridging of my childhood in the fields and mountains of upstate New York to the sands and beaches of my adulthood “down the Jersey shores.”
Influenced by early graphic design studies to a more recent painterly technique my emphasis is creating movement, bringing a scene to life, by means of shifting clouds, swift moving waters and windswept grasses.

As a graduate of The University of the Arts, (Philadelphia College of Art) with a BFA degree in Graphic Design, Helen began her career in the commercial arts.
Early employment in New York City with DC Comics, followed by a variety of freelance and teaching assignments ranging from coloring books to spot illustrations later evolved to include employment in signage and display with ColorCraft Signs in New Jersey.

Originally from upstate New York, Helen relocated to New Jersey and raised three daughters. Graphic design assignments gave way over the years to a renewed interest in painting.
Initially working in watercolor, and now, acrylics, a textural and mixed media approach to her work developed out of a need to go beyond the flat surface of paper and canvas and experience the physical layering process of a painting. Helen's paintings have included landscapes,seascapes,florals and abstracts, yet the subject matter that continually beckons her is landscape.

"I walked the fields and played in the lakes,brooks and hiked those mountains as a child and it was the remembrance and love of the tactile excitement of that experience that I wanted to focus on and share with my audience."

Helen is noted for the three dimensional use of rice papers,torn paper and textured gels combined with watercolor, gouache on paper. Always willing to risk change and learn, her recent travels to the West coast, have influenced her work and she has created a new body of work. Painting in acrylic, emphasizing surface textures on canvas with multiple layers of glazing of acrylic paint & modeling gels,applied with both brush and knife, these paintings are a reflection of that experience of the mountains of the West coast to the beaches of the Eastern coastline.

Helen's award winning work has been exhibited in numerous outdoor shows and galleries on the East coast over the last 18 years.

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